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New e-Learning course: emergence profile management

10 Jul 2024

Upgrade your implant placement with the iPhysio® protocol! The purpose of the iPhysio® protocol is to preserve soft tissue and achieve exceptional healing, both esthetically and functionally, with deep connective fibers and a healthy biological space.

Thanks to a no-disassembly protocol, based on a single part for healing, impression and provisional prosthesis, but also thanks to its concave-convex anatomical profile and specific surface treatment, mucosal attachment is optimized and preserved throughout treatment. We have defined the BIO-LOGICAL protocol to ensure that every step of the implant protocol is consistent with this conservative approach.

6 hours of training to optimize your surgical techniques. Documented clinical cases, tutorials, tricks & tips… Take advantage of all our trainer's experience to implement safe surgical techniques with predictable and aesthetic results.

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