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Smyline offers practitioners a complete solution for starting up and maintaining an aligner activity within their own practice. 

And at a fair price, for the patient... and the practitioner!

By offering Smyline aligners, you're giving all your patients access to supervised invisible orthodontic care. Make the difference by offering a range of high-quality, competitively priced aligners made in France.


Smyline will work with you to ensure that your new business is a success. Take advantage of the many services included in your package: 

  • Clinical and organizational training for your teams 
  • Support at every stage of treatment 
  • Treatment plans drawn up by our experts 
  • Aligners manufactured in our factory in France
  • Monitoring from A to Z thanks to our web platform and exclusive application
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1st patient appointment.

Diagnose your patient with 3D impressions and scans. Submit all clinical data to the Smyline platform. Propose a pricing approach to your patient during the first appointment. 


Treatment plan

The Smyline team will draw up a treatment plan with a 3D simulation of how your smile will develop. Submit the treatment plan and the precise estimate to your patient for validation.


Aligners and tracking

The aligners are manufactured within 10 days of validation. Receive treatment and monitor your patient's progress using the Smyline application.

S package
M package
L package
Open package
1 quarter
2 quarters
3 quarters
4 and +
12 aligners
24 aligners
36 aligners
More than 36 aligners

Contention included

Delivery within 10 days

Smyline monitoring application

Made in France


Immediate training
French interface
Patient application
Technical back office
Made in France aligner

The Smyline training course is included and immediately accessible to practitioners. It contains several modules covering all aspects of the aligner's activity:

  • A scientific clinical module presenting the main cases and treatments using aligners
  • A module covering the organization and management of an aligner business within a dental practice, for a simple and sustainable business. 
  • A patient relations module for effective, stress-free practice. 

The Smyline platform, accessible from the DENTAL APP, is based on the standards and great successes of digital dental treatment management tools. Simple and effective, it brings together all the essential information and allows you to track the progress of a treatment online: plan submitted / 3D smile simulation (before/after) / package dispatched, etc.

To involve patients in their aligner treatment, use the Smyline app. Completely free of charge and available for iPhone and Android, this application allows you to record patients' daily wearing time, and to obtain a personalized calendar with aligner changes and upcoming appointments...

Developed by a group of committed orthodontists and dentists, Smyline makes its know-how and expertise available to its customers. Practitioners can call on the team of experts daily to draw up treatment plans and to answer any questions or concerns they may have. 

Like the historic players in invisible orthodontics, Smyline uses a three-layer material that offers elasticity and strength for less breakage and cracking. Our manufacturing process gives you ultra-precise aligners that are among the most transparent on the market. The aligners are manufactured in France in a factory that combines human expertise with cutting-edge technology (laser cutting, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.). 

Every Smyline product is designed and packaged with the environment in mind. Smyline is committed daily to producing less waste, limiting its packaging and reducing its environmental impact. And this is just the beginning!

For example: our packaging is 100% biodegradable and ultra-efficient, we have set up a recycling process for our aligners, etc.


No problem at all. You can keep your partner and integrate our solution. This will enable you to offer the most appropriate aligner solution for each of your patients.

With Smyline, you can offer aligner solutions with complete peace of mind thanks to our expert support team. We're with you every step of the way

Dental correction and alignment are a real and important need. The worldwide prevalence of malocclusion is 56%. 1 in 2 French people would like to improve their smile. Offer your patients an invisible orthodontic solution and make a difference!

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The Dental App brings together all our services to make it easier for you to understand and use our products. It allows you to interact with LYRA ETK as a made-to-measure production partner, and to access all the work in progress at any time. A fully digital service for fast, accurate information and production.

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