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As well as offering excellent primary stability, comparable to conventional implants, iBone®, with its reduced body and wide Threads, minimizes the amount of metal in the mouth while providing a more developed contact surface with the bone and space for bone healing. These properties are complemented by a low-torque insertion that minimizes bone heating for increased healing potential and better bone reconstruction.

More than just an implant, iBone® establishes a new protocol in implantology: simple, safe, and accessible, for a less invasive and more conservative result, whatever the implant indication. It is a multi-purpose implant that is more respectful of bone capital and is also a simpler alternative to grafts and sinus lifts.

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In the iBone® protocol, a 'biological bond' is obtained thanks to the empty spaces created at the bone-implant interface. The vascularization of these pockets allows calcium and phosphorus ions present in the blood to be absorbed by the titanium oxide surface of the implant. This calcified afibrillar layer, observed in vitro and in vivo, allows the adhesion of mesenchymal cells, pre-osteoblasts, and osteoblasts, which initiate bone healing.


In the iBone® protocol, priority is given to the bone and the blood clot. The implant's dimensions are reduced as much as possible to create a healing space between the drill hole and the implant. This healing space fills with blood and then with new bone.

 The iBone® implant reduces the volume of metal in the bone by up to 34% compared with a conventional implant, allowing the bone to express itself.

More bone-implant contact surface

The wide threads of the iBone® implant mean that the bone-implant contact surface is up to 42% greater than that of a conventional implant.

Smooth insertion

The torque required for implant insertion is 42% lower than for a conventional implant. The insertion protocol generates less heating of the bone and creates optimal healing conditions.

Excellent primary stability

The average ISQ measured at implant insertion was 73.

Simplified surgery

The reduced dimensions of the implant, combined with its performance in terms of bone-implant contact surface and primary stability, mean that it can be used in areas with low bone heights, avoiding complex surgery such as grafts and sinus lifts.


iBone® implant
Classic* implant
Volume of metal
70,91 mm3
106,5 mm3
Developed surface area
331,82 mm2
211,57 mm2
Torque consumed during insertion in D2/D3** bone
52,5 N.cm
80 N.cm
Primary stability in D2/D3 (ISQ)** bone
*Average of values collected over the range of large Threads **Average of values collected over the range of medium Threads


Step 1: I choose the implant
Step 2: I follow the kit guide
Step 3: iPhysio guides my prosthesis
subcrestal positionning
  • Table of protocols
  • Numbered drills
  • Illustration of instruments
  • Color codes for different diameters
  • Graduated scale
chirurgie guidée ibone

The perfect osmosis between dentist and prosthetist

Choose your emergence profile with the iPhysio anatomical abutment corresponding to the tooth. Once fixed in the mouth, it will allow the tissues to develop until the final prosthesis. The impression and a provisional are made on this abutment, without dismantling. The digital impression automatically identifies the abutment to the laboratory, giving it the required emergence profile.

prothèse dentaire iphysio


iPhysio® is the ideal complement to iBone®.

This unique anatomical part can be used as a healing abutment, a scanbody and a temporary tooth support. It enables the natural emergence profile to be retained throughout treatment without dismantling (no destruction of the mucosal attachment and retention of the emergence profile throughout treatment).

Guided from A to Z, iBone® and iPhysio® constitute the most conservative and codified protocol in implantology.

Optimisation de l'implantation en secteur postérieur mandibulaire

Le Dr Bertrand Hervé, chirurgien-dentiste exerçant à Coutances, pose des implants iBone® depuis environ 3 ans. Le praticien illustre à travers un cas clinique les potentialités de ce nouveau design d’implant. Deux implants iBone® sont posés en secteur postérieur mandibulaire pour réaliser un bridge implanto-porté. C’est une indication standard de la gamme iBone®. Dans d’autres secteurs plus contraints comme le secteur sous-sinusien, iBone® peut éviter des chirurgies complexes ou des greffes. 


Certified surface finish

30 years of clinical experience
Microsandblasting with titanium oxide.
Etched with nitric and hydrofluoric acids.

Precise, watertight, validated connection

15 years of clinical experience
Internal hexagonal tapered connection.
A single prosthetic connection common to all implant diameters.

Our quality guarantees

100% French implants
Implants guaranteed for life
Prosthetic part guaranteed for 10 years
CE and ISO 12485 standard


The space between the implant neck and the cortical bone is a maximum of 0.4 mm.

This space is necessary to free the cortical bone from the mechanical stresses that can lead to its resorption.

The reference value to be considered between two implants is the space at the neck.

The recommendations are the usual ones.

In the mesodistal plane :

  • Allow 2 mm between the implant and the adjacent natural teeth.
  • Allow 3 mm between two adjacent implants.

In the vestibulo-palatine-lingual direction:

  • If possible, leave 1.5 to 2 mm of bone around the vestibular, palatal, and lingual surfaces.

The implant is attached by the Threads.
 The protocol is designed to ensure that the average stability obtained when the implant is inserted is 65.5.
 The tests carried out by the Research & Development department are highly methodical.
 They test all types of implants in all bone densities. The ISQ is measured at each drill pass to ensure that the ISQ during the last drill is sufficient for versatile use.

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