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Our expert laboratory-based CAD/CAM center in France can produce a large number of prosthetic components on natural teeth or implants using digital technology.


Our CAD/CAM center has a fleet of continuous 5-axis machining centers. The performance of these high-precision machines guarantees optimum fit and a high-quality surface finish. LYRA ETK can produce your CAD/CAM work from your STL files. We can make dental crowns, sleeves, inlays, onlays and bridges in a wide range of materials. We offer a high-quality finish for optimum fit.

Couronne chape

Dental crown and sleeve

We make your crowns and sleeves for sealed prostheses. We have selected a range of materials to guarantee optimal results for patients.
  • E.Max
  • Provisional printed in tinted resin
  • Chrome-Cobalt
  • Titanium
  • Zirconia
  • Multilayer zirconia
  • Numerys HC (Hybrid Ceramic)
inlay core


We create your inlay-cores using a range of materials selected to guarantee optimal results for patients.
  • Yellow anodised titanium
  • Numerys GF (Glass fibre-reinforced ceramic)
Inlay Onlay

Inlay, onlay and veneer

We create your inlays, onlays and veneers using a range of materials selected to guarantee optimal results for patients.
  • E.Max
  • Multilayer zirconia
  • Numerys HC (Hybrid Ceramic)
piliers personnalisés

Customized abutments and trans-screwed crowns

Our custom abutments and trans-screwed crowns are made from pre-milled or Esthetibase interface materials for aesthetic restorations.

  • They help to define the ideal cervical contour.
  • They can make up for cases that are impossible to achieve with standard abutments.
  • The design respects the suitability of the future tooth or sleeve
  • They are supplied with a screw for laboratory use and a compatible fixation screw for final insertion using a 1.2 mm hexagonal screwdriver.
  • Chrome-Cobalt (direct implant)
  • E.Max (esthetibase)
  • Provisional printed in tinted resin (esthetibase)
  • Titanium (direct implant)
  • Anodised titanium (direct implant)
  • Zirconia (esthetibase)
  • Multilayer zirconia (esthetibase)
Bridge et barre d'attachement

Bridge and implant bar

We offer several solutions for multi-unit restorations:

  • Sealed bridge
  • Direct (on implant) or indirect (on Tetra or Multi-Unit tapered abutment) trans-screwed bridge
  • Implant bar

Single bar for attachment: Can be inserted on 2 to 8 implants

Anatomical bar for resin finish: Can be made up of 2 to 14 elements

  • Provisional printed in tinted resin (esthetibase)
  • Titanium
  • Chrome-cobalt (machined)
  • Zirconia (esthetibase) 
  • Multilayer zirconia (esthetibase)
thimble crown

Thimble Crown

It is the ideal solution for a restoration on an anatomical framework, without compromising aesthetics in the event of significant divergence between implants.

The Thimble Crown has several advantages:

Easy re-operation / removal thanks to the trans-screwed prosthesis.
Aesthetic sealed prosthesis thanks to individual crown sealing.
Lightweight titanium framework (full arch 30 g) to guarantee patient comfort.

Bio-compatibility of the titanium material to avoid the risk of allergies.


Our CAD/CAM center is equipped with one of the most powerful machines on the market to meet your requirements and the highest quality standards. The laser fusion technique enables you to produce dental sleeves, crowns, or bridges in chrome-cobalt with complex shapes, quickly and at a lower cost, from your STL files.

Bridge et armature

Dental bridges

We can create your bridges for sealed prostheses with different levels of finish, allowing you to choose the final result you want.


Our high-precision prosthetic components ensure a perfect finish to your prosthetic work.


Available materials: Chrome-Cobalt
Couronne chape

Dental crown, sleeve, and inlay-core

We can produce your crowns, sleeves, and inlay-cores for sealed prostheses with different levels of finish, allowing you to choose the final result you want.

Our high-precision prosthetic components ensure a perfect finish for your prosthetic work.


Available materials: Chrome-Cobalt


Our CAD/CAM production center is equipped with high-performance printers enabling us to produce 3D models for the completion of your prosthetic work, from your STL files. 3D models and surgical guides are made from resin.

modèle 3D dentition

3D model

We offer several solutions to enable you to maintain your plaster model habits:

  • Full arch (top and bottom)
  • Half-arch (top and bottom)
  • False gums
  • Dies (carrots)
guide chirurgical

Surgical guide

We make your surgical guides, whether with anchorage needles, dento-supported or muco-supported.


Telephone assistant available Monday to Friday to answer your questions.


Between 24 and 48 hours for simple work (sleeves, bridge frameworks) and 48 to 96 hours for more complex work (custom abutments, implant bars).


The raw materials are of certified European origin. Optimum traceability from raw material to dispatched product.


LYRA ETK undertakes to replace any defective abutment with the same abutment free of charge. Zirconia: 5 years / Chrome-cobalt or machined titanium: 10 years / E.Max or Numérys: 1 year / Tinted resin printed provisional: 3 months


Zircone Multi-Layer


- Yttrium oxide tetragonal zirconia (3Y-TZP-A) 

- Biocompatible 

- Exceptional mechanical properties 
- Excellent chemical durability 

- Zirconia qualified by mechanical endurance tests 
- Panel of 16 shades + white 

- 100% quality control
zirconnefusion laser

Provisional printed in tinted resin

- Certified high quality for making temporary crowns and bridges 

- Biocompatible 

- Available in 3 colors: A1, A2 and A3


- Efficient fabrication of fully anatomical, highly resistant (360MPa) and durable restorations. 
Available in 16 shades 

- Degree of translucency: LT


- CoCr dental alloy for joint dental prostheses (to ISO 22674) nickel- and beryllium-free 

- High quality 

- Low thermal conductivity 

- Good adhesion to ceramic 

- Optimal physical properties


- TiAl6V4 titanium alloy 

- Medical Grade 5 (to 5832-3) 

- Good resistance to fatigue, crack propagation, corrosion, and creep 

- Material produced to ASTM B 3148 or ASTM 265 standards

Multi-layer zirconia

- Tetragonal yttrium oxide zirconia (ZrO2, Y2O3) 

- Biocompatible

- Excellent chemical durability 

- 2 more translucent UTML versions for single units and STML for bridges up to 3 units 

- 4 layers from incisal to dentine 

- Panel of 16 shades


• Fabrication efficace de restaurations entièrement anatomiques, hautement résistantes (360MPa) et durables.
• Disponible en 7 teintes : A1, A2, A3, A3,5, B2, C1 et D2
• 2 degrés de translucidité : HT et LT suivant les teintes
• Éléments livrés sur plots
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