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LYRA ETK will be at the Euro Implanto congress in Nice

13 Mar 2024

Meet LYRA ETK at the Euro Implanto Congress in Nice on April 4-5th, 2024 on booth 28.

Jacques Cheylus will be presenting an in-depth look at iPhysio®. His presentation is scheduled for Thursday 4 April at 12.30pm.

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What is iPhysio®?

iPhysio® is a 3-in-1 anatomical system that replaces the healing abutment, the scan body and the temporary abutment. It is screwed onto the implant after placement and remains in place until the final prosthesis is inserted. The impression is taken on iPhysio® and a provisional can also be made on iPhysio®.

iPhysio® is available in several anatomical shapes and heights to prepare the shape of the gingival cradle required for an aesthetic restoration. It is available with different connectors to adapt to most implant systems.

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