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LYRA ETK joins the French Fab

25 Jun 2024

LYRA ETK joins the French Fab, the community of innovative French manufacturers who are transforming French industry through their commitment to the ecological transition, sustainable development, and employment, thanks to their international deployment.

The technologies of the future are one of the key drivers of our growth. Combined with our knowledge of living organisms and our expertise in micromechanics, they enable us to offer innovative protocols that are more conservative by involving natural biological properties, as well as simplifying and rationalizing treatments. iPhysio is the best illustration of this.

With its 9 patents, it is the keystone of the modern implant protocol, making implant treatment more reliable, longer lasting, and simpler. Combined with iBone, the implant that reduces metal in the mouth by 34% and improves overall performance, these two solutions become the flagship of a simple, safe, and accessible offering for dentists, dental technicians, and patients.

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