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Club Actis members in action

10 Apr 2024

Active ambassadors at the start of the new year! Here's a closer look at their recent participation in LYRA ETK-related programs.

1. Dr Antoine PROUHÈZE gave a lecture on the emergence profile at an evening event organized by the FOP du Gard scientific association. iPhysio® was in the spotlight!

2. Dr Emmanuel COHEN performed live surgery as part of the 2nd session of the Cycle complet en implantologie, in Paris 7ème.

3. Dr Jean-Marc LEGROS spoke at the Orodent Symposium, LYRA ETK distributor in Algeria, along with Dr Miguel DOMINGUEZ.

4. Dr Thomas MEIER joined the teaching team of the Cycle complet en implantologie and spoke at the 2nd session in Paris 7ème.

Many thanks to them for sharing their experience and passion for their profession.

You too can become our ambassador!

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